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• 18 & 19 Juin •

La 27e Region and MindLab organise a two days seminar, by and for professionals and practitioners from public innovation labs coming in Paris from all over Europe and the world.

Using real cases, design and innovation process will be explored and compared and new approaches, methods, tools and cultures for decision-making to enable the design of better public outcomes will be invented.


By invitation only

July 8th, 2015 • London • 2 days


On July 9th and 10th, 2015 in London, Nesta, the British innovation agency, will host LabWorks, the biggest event ever organized on the topic of public service innovation laboratories. The program is currently in preparation. The event will include a day of international conferences followed by a day of practical workshops for the practitioners and professionals of public innovation labs. The topic of this first edition: how to produce and measure impact. 27e Région and departments of the French State have been included in the initial program draft.

More information on this page.

May 21st, 2015 • 7:00pm • 4 rue de la Vacquerie, 11th district of Paris • Superpublic


IN SITU LAB is a post-graduate training program offered by the Applied Arts and Design School of Strasbourg. Collaborative user-based methodologies are experimented with and taught, privileging in-situ residencies. Several experiments conducted to date outline the shape and activities of a new type of solution-based design that questions “public innovation” as it is currently employed.

The work of IN SITU LAB will be presented conjointly with their strategic partners, La Fabrique de l’Hospitalité and La Bibliothèque Départementale du Bas-Rhin.

More info on the IN SITU LAB website here (in French).

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April 29th, 2015 • French Ministry for the Economy and Finance
10:00am – 12:30pm • 139 rue de Bercy, 12th district of Paris


For the second consecutive year, SGMAP and IGPDE (Public Management and Economic Development Institute) are organizing a seminar addressed to public action practitioners and researchers. This year’s seminar will focus on exploring the possible futures for public action. A session will be set up each month throughout 2015.

Participants: Marie Alauzen (School of Mines) and Maxime Lesur (Microsoft).

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February 19th, 2015 • Steering Committee


One of the most important ongoing actions undertaken for our projects is the meeting of RE•ACTEUR PUBLIC’s Steering Committee.

The 3rd meeting, held last February 19th at the offices of the Ministry of Decentralization and Public Functions, was attended by SGMAP, the CGET (General Commissariat for Equal Opportunity), the Documentation française (French public and administrative documentation bureau), the Caisse des Dépôts (French public investment institution), national associations of elected local and regional authorities (regional: ARF, départemental: ADF, local: ACUF), some of the regional member authorities (Pays de la Loire, Saône et Loire, etc.), the ENA (National School of Public Administration), the CNFPT (National Center for Regional Public Functions) and 27e Région.

Retrospective: Superpublic opened its doors in November 2014. All the COPIL (steering committee) members agreed on the usefulness of such a space, which helps to build a community. It is up to each member entity to decide the way in which it wants to use this space. Several events open to the public have already been scheduled.

Another reason for satisfaction: The participation in the 1st Week of Public Innovation, set up by the SGMAP in 2014, was such that around sixty events took place, nearly half of them outside Paris. The 2nd Week is scheduled for 2015 and will be organized by RE•ACTEUR PUBLIC. In short, only nine months after its official launching, the platform is approaching the fully operational stage.

In regard to Training, another fundamental component of RE•ACTEUR PUBLIC and the subject of the steering committee meeting, ENA and the CNFPT informed the consortium that they have already launched training initiatives in public service innovation, but in very experimental fashion. Within RE•ACTEUR PUBLIC, the shared adventure continues with work on devising a training reference file for public innovation.

In terms of governance, RE•ACTEUR PUBLIC operates today in informal mode. In response to the need for structuring, the SGMAP has proposed co-developing “guidelines for partners”, which will be presented during the next Steering Committee meeting to be held in June.

The membership campaign continues in parallel (learn more about it).

For the curious, find a complete description of RE•ACTEUR PUBLIC ‘s activity project for 2015 here.


So many events are happening in Superpublic, the space dedicated to RE•ACTEUR PUBLIC!

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