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Exploring the public administration of tomorrow

How can public service be made more attractive, more democratic, more efficient and better organized in relation to practices and citizens’ needs and at controlled costs? What if we set ourselves the task of questioning, in a creative and forward-looking manner, the conventional mechanisms of public policy?

This is precisely what we propose to do via experimental work that could be called “public service fiction” and an approach that is at once visionary, radical and pragmatic. The goal is to investigate a selection of topics relating to basic public management practices to produce concrete scenarios for public services of the future.


“La pointeuse” (The designator)

Point to the spot where the problem lies to design the future of public policy. “La Pointeuse” is a collaborative foresight tool used to imagine tomorrow’s public service offer. By designating subject matters that are out of sync, foresight workshops focus on identifying the tools, methods and processes that will be implemented by public administrations in the 21st century.

Three or four foresight workshops will be organized in 2015. Each will reunite for a day and a half a small group of around 10 carefully selected participants – researchers, specialists and practitioners in the fields concerned.

The scenarios resulting from these workshops will be made available to a wider public and will be the subject of creative foresight work to see whether or not it is possible to test them rapidly. Depending on the findings obtained, experiments in real situations could be set up with interested partners for the most inspiring scenarios.


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foresight • June, 2015
Pointeuse #2: the harmless elected politician