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Guideline for training in public policy innovation

training  • 2015
Guideline for training in public policy innovation
Réalisation en cours

The demand for training in public policy innovation is very high, even though the initial experiments in this field are just beginning to be converted into transferable knowledge. And yet no public administration school currently proposes courses in the creative design of public policy. Some players involved in training are starting to pick up on this, but they have a hard time cooperating, whereas a collaborative effort would appear essential. Moreover, training opportunities offered by practitioners and professionals in the field of public policy innovation are few and far between and the risk of an insufficient number of trainers is real.

Even if we are still in an acculturation and sensitization phase, the work to define and formalize this new field of training must be pursued. It is for all these reasons that La 27e Région teams are devising, on behalf of the consortium, a training reference file on public policy innovation.

The work comprises defining all the topics, types of learning and new capabilities to be acquired and all the resources available to better train the public agents of tomorrow. The V1 of this reference file could serve as a platform for all training players, who could both contribute to producing its contents and draw from it to prepare their specific training programs.






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A word about the method


Although 27e Région has taken the lead in triggering thinking about this subject, the reference file itself is only the starting point for discussion with players who are concerned about building a shared vision. It is simply a work-in-progress, one that must constantly be adjusted, amended, added to.

In addition to the consortium members, at least three professional communities will be asked to participate in developing the training reference file before the end of this year:

  • the community of training operators
  • the community of practitioners-trainers
  • the international community (iSchool project for public administration initiated by Nesta, UK)


The reference file, highly theoretical by definition, will be backed by training experiments in real situations. Re-enchanting public action, for one, constitutes an annual test bench for the file; it is used to check the hypotheses set forth, to renew training topics and contents, to test new formats, etc.