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“Les éclaireurs”: evaluating public policy

publications  • January, 2015
“Les éclaireurs”: evaluating public policy
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“Les éclaireurs” (The Pathfinders) is a video series popularizing the basic principles on which French public policy is founded.  The goal is to talk about public policy in a lighthearted way while presenting the key elements to better understand the challenges.

For the first episode, we’ve selected a topic linked to that of “La Pointeuse” (The Designator): evaluating public policy, a subject which is at first glance rather abstract, but which nonetheless raises many questions.

To prepare for shooting the film, we met with a researcher in management science working on this subject, Frédérique Pallez, of the Centre de Gestion Scientifique (Center for Scientific Management). Of course we also sunk our teeth into various books and articles and developed the scenario on the basis of this material.

The film was shot in one day in January 2015. A booklet accompanying the film is almost finished, but the film is already available (see links above).


January, 2015


Superpublic, Paris

Thanks to...

Frédérique Pallez et toute l’équipe de Superpublic

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A word about the method


What format is best for popularizing the main ideas of public policy?

We have deliberately chosen two, which we feel are complementary. One is a video that synthesizes, explains and is purposely unconventional, unorthodox, funny. The image speaks to us, makes us smile and surprises us. The second is a booklet that can be printed and that delves deeper into the underlying principle(s), refers to our source material and proposes examples.


The idea of a sequence shot or long take where the situations follow one after another came forth naturally as the best way to recount public policy evaluation. So as to best represent the various questions raised in the video, we patterned the film, to give an example, on Goldberg machines and on OK GO music clips.

To shoot the sequence shot, the Les Beaux Yeux team used a camera stabilizer to make the image perfectly smooth.