National, regional and local authorities team up to reinvent public policy

Re-enchanting public action #1

Re-enchanting public action #1

In the wake of public action Re-enchanting public action# 0, the team of residents of the Transfo program in the PACA region a desired to re-use the format and the learning of this experience, to imagine a new version of this training- action adventure to end in beauty this Transfo.

This issue was addressed to a target and already sensitized public: the little group of public agents  group embarked since 2012 in the Transfo adventure. So that the two years of “companionship”  of Transfo touched their end and that the regional innovation lab was about to be born, it was to put the agents attempted to rape capacity, designing and animating accompaniments it could give inside the new lab.

To deep and complete the control of this methodological aspects of the creative design of public policies, this training of 2 days was interested in 4 specific points:

- The reformulation of the order (“benevolent starter”)

- ideation, brainstorming,

- rapid prototyping,

- Buying delivering innovative design and / or public

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